Special Activities

Program November 7 th at 1:00 pm lunch
At 3 pm lecture followed by conversation.


Rare were the human dramas that, like the one carried out by the Order of the Temple, aroused such disparate, contradictory and persistent passions.

Which, given the circumstance that, in Portugal, the Templars and Templarism lasted more than five hundred years than in the rest of the world, should have compelled to draw the adequate conclusions.

In this preliminary approach, participants are proposed an approach to the Templar Project, supported by written sources and various monuments (architecture, painting, sculpture, urbanism, etc.) that survive, namely with regard to the urban plan of Tomar, where the presence of Sacred geometry and Kaballah are indisputable.

This “caminho” that we propose to walk together will be a journey through Portugal made in reverse, looking at the past with the eyes of the present.
Professor Manuel Gandra, whom some call master, shares his knowledge with participants during several encounter , the last of which will be a visit to the places that keep the memories of those times.

Quinta de São José da Freiria, referred to in manuscripts from the 13th century as having been the residence of friars, most probably Templars, is the perfect setting for the journey we propose.

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