Reconnect body, mind and spirit.

More than 3000 years ago, the ancient Chinese wisdom says that physical disorders and unbalances can be caused by emotions. Only recently western medicine has become aware that stress can cause most physical and emotional health problems. 

This goes both ways 

Balancing the emotional …, heals the physical 

Healing the physical … will re-balance the emotional 

Any malaise is the result of disharmony. 

Our goal is to help stimulate the harmony between body, mind, and spirit and the natural ability to restore the balance and achieve better health, beauty, and happiness with the support of Three Pillars


Health and Beauty

BMT biomoleculartransfer, a cellular rejuvenation technique, non aggressive nor toxic and without side effects.


  Breathing and movement

The Art and the importance of correct breathing.

Using the breath as a means of emotional control states. 

Movement is life, learning to move extends its quality

Relax technique, passive and active meditation, yuga, pilates.  

Nourishment source of health and pleasure

A personal evolution

Specialists will share the most current knowledge about the nutrition and its influence on health and disease

Detox Juice therapy

If you have suffered the aggression of very toxic treatments, come and clean your cells.